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What is The Pleurogene Project

It is a collaboration with Spanish researchers and focuses on the genomics of two flatfish, Senegal sole (Solea senegalensis) and Atlantic halibut (Hippoglossus hippoglossus), two flatfish yielding high value market products with the potential for production in aquaculture. Currently, the culture of Senegal sole in Spain and other European countries is seriously impaired primarily because of difficulties in controlling reproduction in captivity and suboptimal larval nutrition.

Caribbean Medical Schools

By 2011, there were up to 60 Caribbean Medical University that offered training opportunities to foreigners. This number significantly increases the chances of American students becoming physicians since there are only 137 M.D and 26 D.O medical institutions of learning in the U.S. Furthermore, the schools have been graduating doctors for a while who develop to become successful medics all over the U.S.

The Objectives and Achievements of the Pleurogene Project

The Pleurogen Project is project that is co-sponsored by the Spanish and Canadian governments. However, also other sponsors have joined hands in seeing to it that the achievements of the project are met without any hindrance. The main goal of the project that inspired its initiation lies in the aquaculture research.

The Pleurogene Project

The Pleurogene project is a promotion of the Genoma Espana and Genome Canada. It is aimed at enhancing the development of new high performance genomics and protenomics technology to help in the analysis of gene and protein expression during the reproduction and breeding of flatfish species. The flat fish species that the project aims at addressing include the Senegal Sole and the Atlantic Halibut that are scientifically identified as Solea Senegalensis and Hippoglossus respectively.

Genome Atlantic – A Means to Save Our Society

This organization specializes in projects that discover genes. It mostly does this business in Atlantic Canada. However, the organization not only focuses on gene research but how helpful the outcome will be to the society. Their main aim is to discover and identify genes that will help our health care professionals to diagnose and provide treatment for illnesses so as to reduce health care costs and burdens by ensuring the health of the citizens.

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