The Objectives and Achievements of the Pleurogene Project

The Pleurogen Project is project that is co-sponsored by the Spanish and Canadian governments. However, also other sponsors have joined hands in seeing to it that the achievements of the project are met without any hindrance. The main goal of the project that inspired its initiation lies in the aquaculture research. The project aims at developing ptotenomics and genomics that are of high performance to aid in the analysis of gene and protein expression in the reproduction and breeding of two flat fish species, namely: Senegal Sole and the Atlantic Halibut that are very important to the Spanish and Canadian economies.

The Pleurogene project was initiated with several other objectives apart from the main one mentioned above. However, the above is the main idea that led to the creation of the project. Below are the objectives of the Pleurogene project:

To establish an expressed sequence tag database and proteome analysis.
To construct a linkage map genetically. This involves developing various methods for expression of genes profiling through laser capture microdissection RNA sampling.
To identify the changes in the expression of genes during the development and maturation of gamete.
To pattern of gene expression during larval metamorphosis, the ontogeny of the gastrointestinal tract and the effects of dietary treatments.
To develop E-mold, which is an integrative bioinformatics platform for genomic, proteomic and morphological information from flat fish species.

The above is a summary of the objectives set by the two governments during the formation of the Pleurogene project. Of these objectives, there are those ones that have been achieved while there are also others that are yet to be achieved. This is because there are other minor programs that are included in the Pleurogene project that have been concluded while there are also others that are still underway.

Below is a list of the achievements that the Pleurogene project has attained since its inception by the Spanish and Canadian governments. However, you need to note that the research results that are listed below are just major ones, there are also other achievements that have not been included.

Development of genomics tools for Senegal Sole: This includes ten different cDNA libraries from adult and larvae tissues and muti-tissue library that is normalized. This also includes 10,300 new sole EST sequences and about 500 peptides.
Development of hormone treatment to aid in the increase of sperm motility in Sole genetic linkage map.
Development of a progeny test kit to help in the facilitation of indirect approaches of sex control.
Production of recombinant gonadotropin hormone.
Expression maps for genes and proteins that are associated to the larval development, nutrition and metamorphosis.
Expression maps for gene and protein of testes that are producing high quality sperms.

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