The Pleurogene Project

The Pleurogene project is a promotion of the Genoma Espana and Genome Canada. It is aimed at enhancing the development of new high performance genomics and protenomics technology to help in the analysis of gene and protein expression during the reproduction and breeding of flatfish species. The flat fish species that the project aims at addressing include the Senegal Sole and the Atlantic Halibut that are scientifically identified as Solea Senegalensis and Hippoglossus respectively. The main reason why the Pleurogene project was initiated by the Canadian and Spanish states is that the two species of flat fish have the greatest impact on the economies of those two states.

Just like any other major projects, the Pleurogene project was enhanced with a budget that was projected at Euro 3,388.571. One may be wondering how big the amount of money that was pumped into the budget of the project was. However, it needs to be noted that this is one of the largest projects that the two countries have ever indulged in. And also from the activities that are involved in the project, there is no doubt that that budget is just in order. To be able to raise the total amount of money that is factored into the budget, there were contributions from several organizations. The budget was drafted from Genoma Espans’s contribution of Euro1,250.008, Genome Canada’s Euro1,388, 563, Regional Council of Cadiz (IEDT) Euro300,000, Regional Government of Andalusia (IFAPA) Euro300,000 and Regional Government of Catalonia (DURSI) Euro150,000.

The Pleurogene project is a culmination of several minor projects. There are those that are already completed while there are also others that are still underway. Among the projects that are currently ongoing includes mostly those ones on Research and Development. The major research and development projects that are conducted under the Pleurogene project umbrella include Melachonics and Meica. Melanchonics aims at developing genomics tools inside cucurbitaceae. It also includes the sequencing of the melon genome and how they are applied in the improvement of those crops. On the other hand, Meica is related to health and is focused on molecular and cellular mechanisms that are prevalent in chronic inflammatory and autoimmune infections.

Innocash is another project that is currently underway among the projects that are carried out by the Pleurogene project. Innocash is a program that has been devised to help in the valorization and development of Research and Development technologies and those results that are obtained by the research institutions that are under the public sector docket. The main aim of the program is to ensure that the technologies that have been generated by the research institutions are transferred to the market in the form of innovative projects that are enhanced under the support of investors in the field on finance and industry. This has also been published online using the best online magazine software available in the market to present you this information in the most professional and secured way, it has then been distributed via the list of email addresses we have in our database

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