Top Five Myths Regarding Teachers and the Teaching Career

With the misconceptions surrounding the teaching profession, many people are skeptical of attending a teachers college. The myths have made it difficult to understand the dedication and hard work that is required for one to be a good teacher. Here are some of the top myths and misconceptions regarding teaching staff.


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1. Teachers only teach because they have no alternative

Teachers are brilliant. It is sad that people believe that the teaching profession is full of individuals who are incapable of doing anything else. The fact is that those who join the profession do so only because they have the drive and passion of working with young people. It takes an exceptional individual to be an educator. Many teachers had the chance to be in other career paths that have more income and are less stressful, but they chose to be educationists because they wanted to have an impact.

2. Teachers work from 8:00 A.M. – 3:00 P.M.

Contrary to many people’s opinion, teachers do not have much free time. Most educationists arrive early and leave late. They also spend their weekends in school. During the academic year breaks, they also sacrifice some time to make lesson plans, grade papers and prepare for other work-related activities.


3. Teachers thrive on competition

Some people are of the idea that the higher the students perform, the more the pay teachers get. Although sometimes they are awarded for their student’s performance, scores are not the sole factor that motivates teachers to perform. They are driven by the success of their students. Educationists are proud to see their students thriving in their careers.

4. Teachers have the entire summer off

Yearly contracts range between 170 and 190 days subject to the professional development days required by the county. Although they are given about two months off, it does not mean that they do not work during this time. Most teachers attend seminars and undertake teacher additional qualifcations courses at Ontario teacher training during vacation periods. Although they break off work, teachers have to plan for the next year and enhance their skills and knowledge.


5. Teachers are responsible for the education of all their students

Parents are their children’s greatest teachers. Teachers will only spend a few hours during the day with your child, which is not enough to teach them all skills in them. On the other hand, parents are part of their children’s entire lifetime. There ought to be a parent-teacher partnership for the child’s full potential to be realized. Neither parents nor teachers can do it alone. Teachers want the best for their students, and they understand that having a good relationship with parents is the only way of achieving this.


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